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Spalted Maple End Table 1

Spalted Maple Hall Table 2


48 inches long, 15.75 inches wide, 30 inches high.

Top thickness: 1.9 inches

Table Top: Spalted Maple

Base: Black Walnut

This is a piece of furniture that people can't help but stare at because the top surface of this maple slab is almost completely spalted creating a 'canvas' of images, shapes and forms. With a piece of wood like this, a casual glance never satisfies initial curiosity, it takes a more concerted inspection to fully realize the beauty of this wood.

The most fascinating creations are dark lines, usually black, that look like free-form art made by someone using a calligraphy pen to create images containing caricatures, faces, profiles, animals and what ever else you can imagine. Everyone sees something different.

With the top slab almost 2 inches thick, this table is a piece of furniture that ‘begs’ for attention. Not only is its unique beauty fascinating to look at but the top surface is polished to a texture so smooth that the sensation of your fingers gliding over its surface is almost addicting. Every time you pass this table, you’ll want to touch it.

A piece of maple this size, completely spalted is a rare find.

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spalted mapleB7.jpg
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