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Spalted Maple End Table 1
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Spalted Maple Hall Table 3


Dimensions: 32 inches long x 14 inches wide v 30 inches high

Table Top thickness: 1.4 inches

Table top: Spalted Maple

Table base: Black walnut

This modestly sized hall table has a maple top that is heavily spalted with a very unusual small round area of deep red coloring along one side. Several pieces from this log contained a variety of unusual coloring including: red, orange-rust, green, blue-green, purple and yellow.

With background colors primarily shades of brown, tan, and cream mixed with areas of faint greenish-blue, the black calligraphy-like lines create imaginative profiles and figures.

The signature elevated design makes the top the focus of attention which can not be fully appreciated with just a glance. It requires time to visually inspect and recognize the figures naturally created by the invading spalting.

This table is a piece of furniture that will grab the attention of family and guests who will talk about its unique natural beauty..




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