Spalted Maple End Table 1

Danish Pear Wood


14 3/8 inches wide x 35 inches long x 30 inches high, top thickness: 1.75 inches.

Table top: Danish Pear Wood

Table base: Black Walnut.

British Woodworking Magazine July 2008: “Pear wood is one of the most sensual and satisfying of hardwoods that a furniture maker can encounter.”

“Pear is truly one of the most elegant woods available in the world.“ Rick Banas, Interwood Forest Products, Shelbyville, IN.

A single slab of pear wood this size with a bark inclusion in its center is a rare find. Coming upon this slab was fortuitous and inspiring…..and I was allowed to buy half the slab, the best half of course!

Very hard wood, an almost 'salmon' coloring makes this distinctive especially with a bark inclusion and grain patterns that are quilted and curly giving the surface a silky appearance.

Over the past several months, all attempts to find another slab of pear wood this size have been unsuccessful. Inquires when such a slab might become available again, I was told, 'Don't hold your breath.'

Unless I luckily happen across another piece of pear wood of appropriate size, this might be the only pear wood table I produce.

First impression was correct....beautiful elegant wood.

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