New Curly Figured Cherry tables

American cherry wood has traditionally been used in the manufacture of fine furniture due to its rich beautiful color, attractive grain patterns and workability.

There are different varieties of cherry lumber with curly figured cherry being one of the more attractive and difficult to find. Quality figured cherry is found in less than 2% of all cherry lumber harvested. Such cherry is often referred to as an exotic wood because of its rarity, especially as thick wide boards.

Curly grain patterns are created by curled wood fibers meeting the surface at oblique angles and reflects light differently. The reflected light creates an iridescent surface often described as undulating waves or radiating stripes.

Iridescent patterns in thick wide board figured cherry is visually impressive when presented as the 'open canvas' of a table top.

Currently there are two cherry tables being constructed:

15.75 inches wide x 47.87 inches long x 2 inches thick

17.8 inches wide x 59.75 inches long x 2 inches thick

Both tables will be at the Fine Furnishings Show, Pawtucket, RI on November 3-5, 2017.

There are two additional curly figured cherry table tops of nearly identical size that have been milled and ready for finishing....both equally as impressive.

My current inventory of this cherry will produce 6-8 tables of various sizes, all approx 2 inches thick.

Attached photo is the two tables currently being built before final milling. Grain and curly features visible.