Peckham Tables are one-of-a-kind tables handcrafted from carefully selected wood slabs, approximately 2 inches thick, that are cut into rectangular shapes with sides and ends attractively shaped and contoured. The ‘elevated’ design of the top extends beyond the boundaries of the base to dominate the visual effect with art-like grain patterns that are figured, spalted, quilted, curly or have inclusions which make that piece unique.

The table top and base are made from contrasting woods that compliment each other in color, texture and grain. The table base design has a classic tapered leg with mortise and tenon joinery which creates a strong support structure for the top. Tables are constructed using traditional wood joinery techniques so no metal connectors (nails, screws, bolts, etc) are used into its construction.

Hand carved features contain artistic elements that yield a finished product that is unique, not only in the beauty of the wood but also in its level of craftsmanship. The meticulously hand carved features ensure a precision fit and curves that flow.

The oil/polyurethane finish is hand rubbed to produce a durable, stain resistant and long lasting protective coating that makes the grain, colors and unique features of the wood ‘explode’ into view.